Difference between framed.wtf and cuadro.top

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Guessing word games with clues[edit]

Guessing word games with clues have been played since childhood, as they not only provide excellent entertainment, but also encourage the development of logical thinking, attention, creativity, and confidence.

Since 2021, Wordle has been the favorite game for guessing words with clues, from which other games have emerged, such as framed.wtf and cuadro.top, perfect for movie lovers, as they consist of discovering the title of the movie through 6 frames. If you want to know the main characteristics and differences of these two games, keep reading.

Popularity of word guessing games[edit]

Word guessing games have been very popular in Spain and other countries around the world for many years, as they can be enjoyed as a couple, with family, with friends, or individually, depending on preference. One of the most famous online games dedicated to deciphering words with clues is Wordle.

Wordle is a game launched in mid-October 2021, developed by Reddit engineer Josh Wardle. This game has six rows of words, which represent the six attempts to guess the hidden word.

Although Wordle is one of the most outstanding games for guessing words daily, there are other alternatives, such as framed.wtf and cuadro.top, which focus on guessing movies, with 6 frames as clues.

Framed.wtf and cuadro.top, the best games for guessing movies[edit]

Both framed.wtf and cuadro.top are inspired by Wordle and, therefore, are very similar, with a very simple game mechanism, revolving around a daily challenge of guessing the title of a movie, with 6 sample frames. Although they have been operating for a short time, they attract more and more users due to their eye-catching cinematic theme.

Both games give 6 chances to guess the correct movie, and if not guessed, the 6 failed attempts and the correct name of the movie will appear.

Differences between Framed.wtf and cuadro.top[edit]

Although framed.wtf and cuadro.top are very similar, they have certain differences that are worth noting, so that you can select the option that suits you best. Some of the main characteristics that distinguish one from the other are the following:

  • The main difference between the game of cuadro.top and framed.wtf is that it is in Spanish and you can search for movie titles in your native language.
  • The images are larger in the cuadro.top game.
  • In framed.wtf, the numbers appear as you progress through each attempt, unlike cuadro.top, where the 6 numbers are displayed from the first attempt, which is an advantage for new players who do not know exactly how many opportunities there are.