Difference Between Yogurt and Greek Yogurt

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Yogurts generally are dairy products that are made from milk. Regular yogurt is the most common type as it has existed for a long time. Greek yogurt is just a new type that surfaced in recent years out of the curiosity of health enthusiasts. While the two types of yogurts are made from the same products, they have some differences. Although they are both made through the fermentation of dairy products and other products like buttermilk, cream, and kefir, the fermentation process is carried out by introducing bacteria known as culture. However, there is a difference in taste, nutrients, and specific production processes.


Regular yogurt is made by heating milk and the addition of bacteria. The milk is then left to ferment until it reaches a pH of 4.5, which is acidic. Other additional products and supplements can then be added to enhance the taste. Without supplements, this type of yogurt mostly tastes slightly sour due to its acidic nature.

Greek Yogurts

Greek yogurt is also known as strained yogurt. It is made by straining the regular yogurt to eliminate the whey. The straining process involves using porous cloth bags and is carried out at least thrice until the desired texture is reached. The centrifuge is applied in the modern method of straining yogurt to make Greek yogurt. You can then add thickening agents, dry ingredients, and other supplements.

Table of comparison

Yogurt Greek Yogurt
The production process does not require straining. It involves straining regular yogurt to eliminate the whey.
It is more acidic than Greek yogurt. It is less acidic due to the elimination of the whey.
It does not require thickening agents as it is thick naturally. Due to the straining process, it requires thickening agents as it is more liquid.
Requires less milk compared to Greek yogurt. It requires a large volume of milk.
It includes more carbohydrates and sugar with less protein and calcium. Richer in protein and calcium but include less carbohydrate and sugar.