Difference between BB Cream and CC Cream

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BB creams and CC creams are a good alternative to the classical foundation.

If you often buy cosmetics, you are likely to have seen BB cream and CC cream in your favorite store. They are usually used as traditional foundations, tinted moisturizers and other facial cosmetics. however, many still wonder what the difference between BB and CC cream is. You may not know how well they match standard facial makeup. After all, these products have only become popular in recent years.

What is BB cream?[edit]

BB cream, commonly referred to as "beauty cream" or "blemish cream", was very popular in Korea before it became popular worldwide. It provides a more transparent makeup than the primer, which is very suitable for daily wear or people who wear make up for the first time or prefer a more natural look. BB cream is suitable for all types of skin. A BB cream with antioxidant vitamin E can smooth the skin texture, correct facial blemishes, moisturize for long-lasting moisture, and improve the skin while cleaning blemishes. BB cream contains ingredients commonly used in skincare.

What is CC cream?[edit]

CC cream usually refers to color correction cream or complexion correction cream. CC cream neutralizes the appearance of stains by using opposite colors on the color wheel (i.e. green offsets red) without needing to use different concealers and color grading foundations. You can meet all color grading and coverage needs in one product. CC creams provide more coverage than BB creams and have multiple uses, including covering blemishes such as dark spots or redness and thicker formula. CC cream is specially formulated to correct discoloration.

BB cream CC cream
Also known as... Blemish balm cream Color correction cream
What kind of product are they? Cosmetic, but also part of the skin care routine. Mostly cosmetic.
Objective Unify the skin tone, cover blemishes and moisturize. Most BB creams also give some SPF. All of these while giving a natural and light appearance. All of the BB cream benefits plus discoloration correction, anti-aging treatment and deeper coverage while still looking natural and lighter than a foundation.

Venn diagram: BB cream vs CC cream.[edit]

Venn diagram BB cream vs CC cream.jpg