Difference between GMC and Chevy

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GMC and Chevy do not belong to the same manufacturer, and they started separately. But later on, Chevrolet combined with General Motors to become one in 1918, making GM the parent organization for both brands. Even though Chevy was invested in the production of cars, it still produces pick-up trucks. In contrast, GMC produces pick-up trucks and a few SUVs only. And now they both share the same platform, engine option, and transmissions.


GMC was formerly known as General Motors Truck Company, but now General Motors Company under the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. GMC deals with trucks, SUVs, and vans. It is specialized in marketing luxury vehicles and is more focused on SUVs and trucks.


Chevy is known as Chevrolet. It is a brand of vehicles produced by General Motors. Chevrolet is recognized for its wide range of vehicles, from mini convertible automobiles to big trucks. It is an overall auto manufacturer that manufactures almost every style of car ( trucks, vans, compact cars, muscle cars, and so on). It is also the 'automaker' of the most famous sports cars globally, "The Chevy Corvette."

Table of Comparison

Parameters of comparison GMC Chevy
Specialty Involved in sales of SUVs, commercial buses, vans, and pick-up trucks. Manufacturing and sales of all types of vehicles from SUVs to trucks
Brand Luxurious vehicles with higher quality Less luxurious
Cost Expensive due to high-quality vehicles produced Affordable and less expensive
Target market Professional consumers market Regular consumers market
History Founded in 1910, and was merged with Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and Reliance Motor Company as they launched the first GMC truck Co-founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and a few other investors in Detroit
Truck difference Commercial and construction use. This is why GMC trucks are built stronger Commuting and daily traffic