Difference between Spay and Neuter

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Spaying and neutering our pets is part of the ethic control of their population.

Spay and Neuter are performed for the same purpose, but the difference is in the gender of the animal. A spay is the removal of the uterus and ovaries of female animals, while neuter, on the other hand, is the removal of male testicles in animals. These processes help reduce reproduction where they don't want the population of animals to increase. Spaying is far more complicated than neutering as it requires more processes just because the uterus and ovaries in female animals are somehow more "complicated" than male reproductive system. It is highly advisable to spay or neuter your animals of company at a young age as it is less painful and their recovery is faster. The advantages that come with it should benefit everyone, from the pet to the public health system.


Spaying is the act of sterilizing female animals by removing the animal's ovaries and every other reproductive organ of the female animal. The process is done by an incision near the female reproductive parts, could be on the belly or on the side of the animal. This allows the removal of the uterus and the ovaries. Then the abdomen is stitched back after the process is done. Spaying is a surgical operation that requires the expertise of a veterinary doctor, no one else should be allowed to perform such operation.


This is a process of making the male reproductive cells of an animal ineffective by sterilizing it. It involves the removal of the testicles of an animal through a simple surgery. When neutering, the whole reproductive organ is removed, these being the testicles, not the penis. Neutering is generally considered to refer to sterilization of the male reproductive organ, but you can use it for both the male and female reproductive systems. Due to anesthetics, animals don't feel pain when neutered, and with proper handling, the animals don't feel any pain after being neutered.

Spay Neuter
Objective To remove the reproductive organ of the female animal. To remove the testicles of the male animal.
Who is it for? Female animals Male animals

Venn diagram: Spay vs neuter[edit]

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