Difference between gold and silver tequila

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Are Gold and Silver Tequila the same? Let's find out!

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage consumed all over the world. It is a common drink for special occasions. The base ingredient for tequila is agave. Gold and silver tequila can be differentiated based on color, the ingredient used, and taste. Gold tequila is best taken as shots, while silver tequila is based taken as cocktails. The key difference between gold and silver tequila is the production process. While Gold tequila is distilled and stored in barrels for ages, silver tequila is bottled without aging. Gold tequila is always flavored before bottling, while silver tequila is bottled in its purest form. The concentration of agave in silver tequila is 100%, but that of gold tequila is not so concentrated. Silver tequila is more common in clubs because it is more affordable when compared to Gold tequila.

Gold Tequila[edit]

You might have heard of Joven tequila but don't know what it is, don't worry anymore because it is just another name for gold tequila. Gold tequila is brownish; you might be surprised to hear that the brown color is from the barrel or due to coloring additives in a few instances. The barrel's natural brown color is obtained due to the aged gold tequila in its barrel. Gold tequila has a smooth taste due to the fermentation and aging process. The manufacturing process of gold tequila is what makes it expensive.

Silver Tequila[edit]

Silver tequila is popularly known as white tequila; the apparent reason for this is its white color. Interestingly, silver tequila is similar to vodka; they have the same scent and color. Silver tequila is 100% pure agave. This means drinking silver tequila is the same as drinking pure agave. Silver tequila can be easily mistaken for vodka because not only do they have the same color, they have the same scent as well. The difference between silver tequila and vodka is the taste. Silver tequila does not require aging, and it is bottled immediately after it is ready. It is presented in pure form with no additives or flavors. Silver tequila has a harsh taste because it is not fermented.

Gold Tequila Silver tequila
Color Golden-brown in color. Clear in color (colorless).
Manufacturing process Distilled and aged in a barrel for a long time. No aging process needed.
Taste Smooth taste. Harsh taste.
Finished product Coloring and additives could be added. Bottled in it's purest form.
Uses Best taken in shots. Best taken as cocktails.
Agave Has a lesser concentration of agave. 100% agave.
Price More expensive. More affordable.

Venn Diagram: Gold vs Silver Tequila[edit]

Silver vs golden tequila.jpg