Difference Between Arteries and Veins

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Veins and arteries might seem the same, but they are not.

Veins and arteries are both part of an animal's circulatory system. The other two parts are the heart and the capillaries. Veins and arteries are used interchangeably by most of the people, although they serve different functions. However, there are some similarities between the two blood-transporting vessels. The wall of both is made of the outer, middle, and inner layer.


Veins are vessels that carry blood with low oxygen back into the heart for re-oxygenation. Veins can be both pulmonary and systemic, just like the arteries. There are four different types of veins which are pulmonary, systemic, superficial, and deep veins.

The deep veins work alongside an artery within muscle tissue. The systemic vein transports de-oxygenated blood to the heart and can be located anywhere in the body. The pulmonary vein transports oxygen-filled blood from the lungs to the heart. And finally, superficial veins are found near the skin and do not need a corresponding artery.


An artery is a blood vessel that transports blood rich in oxygen away from the heart and to other parts of the body. Arteries can also be pulmonary and systemic, just like veins. The pulmonary artery transport blood with insufficient oxygen from the heart to the lung. The systemic artery transport oxygen-filled blood from the heart to the body's tissue.

Arteries can be classified into three different classes. They are Elastic, Muscular, and Arterioles arteries. The elastic artery, also known as the conduit artery and work with the pulse of the heart. Muscular arteries serve as an intermediary between the elastic and the arterioles. The arterioles transport blood into the capillary networks.

Veins Arteries
Function Veins transport blood low in oxygen back to the heart. Arteries, on the other hand, transport blood rich in oxygen from the heart to the body.
Characteristics Veins are located at the end of the heart and have outer, inner, and middle layers. Arteries, as well, are located at the end of the heart and also have outer, inner, and middle layers.

Venn Diagram: Veins vs Arteries[edit]

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