Difference Between Brown And White Eggs

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What is the real difference between different colored eggs?

There is a continuous debate about which one is better, if brown or white eggs. Many believe that because brown eggs are usuaully more expensive, they are healthier than white eggs. However, that claim is not real. As a matter of fact, the only difference between both kind of eggs is the colour and presence of Omega-3 fatty acid, which doesn't really affect its healthiness.

Brown eggs[edit]

Brown eggs are laid mainly by brown hens. There are also exceptional cases where brown eggs can be laid by white hens or even other hen colors. The reason behind the brown color of this eggs is the breed of the hen. Chicken breeds such as Rhode-Island red hens and Plymouth Rocks hens lay exclusively brown eggs.

So, you can trace the brown color of an egg to the pigment of the hen. A hen that produces brown eggs has a pigment called protoporphyrin IX. Hence this pigment is noticeable in the eggshell and it becomes part of the genetics of a hen. The offspring of such hens are potentially brown egg layers.

White eggs[edit]

White eggs are common to White Leghorn breeds of hens. Such hens do not have the protoporphyrin IX pigment. White eggs are as healthier as brown eggs. Brown hens at old age are also likely to lay lighter brown eggs, but they will not be brown enough to be considered brown eggs.

In most cases, the feeding of the hen can determine the egg constituents and nutritional share. Brown eggs tend to contain more Omega-3 fatty acids than white eggs. Likewise, white eggs usually contain more vitamin D than brown eggs. The price difference is because brown hens cost much to breed.

Brown eggs White eggs
Hens Brown colored hens and breeds such as Rhode-Island reds and Plymouth Rock hens. White-colored hens like white leghorn breeds.
Pigments Contains protoporphyrin IX which aids the brown color. Does not contain protoporphyrin IX.
Nutritional content Usually contain more Omega-3 fatty acids than white eggs. On the other hand, white eggs are normally richer in Vitamin D than brown eggs.

Venn Diagram: White Eggs vs Brown Eggs[edit]

Venn diagram- brown vs white eggs.jpg