Difference Between Coding and Programming

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Coding and Programming are very similar.

Technology, including computers and softwares, has played a crucial role in modern society. We use technology to send information, communicate, socialize, and many more. In this context, we find that professions involving coding and programming have become much in demand. Both terms are often used interchangeably, and many do not realize that there is a line between the two. Here, we will explain the difference between coding and programming.


Computers require a set of instructions in order to perform their functions. The source code is a set of instructions that are used to make computers perform what they need to do. However, these codes are not written in our ordinary speaking language, as they are apt to process instructions on the most literal level. Computers use their own language, and it is not limited to only one. There are various languages for codes, and a coder’s job is to translate these languages and ensure that a program interprets and implements its instructions effectively. Thus, coding involves writing these codes or translating them based on instructions provided. Coding is done on a production level and is said to be the initial stage in programming.


Programming involves providing instructions to a machine or application and ensure that it runs effectively without any issues. In short, it is giving instructions. Programmers create the code or the architecture behind a machine’s actions. Logic and analytical skills are required in order to make sure that instructions do not interfere with each other and make actions work as they should. Programming can involve coding, but it is believed to be a higher level to master as it can also involve system development, analysis, testing and debugging

Coding Programming
Definition The process of writing or translating code for a computer program The process of assigning coded instructions on a machine or application and ensuring its effectiveness and lack of error
Purpose The initial stage of programming, it makes sure that a machine can interpret the language and act as it is expected to do To make sure that a machine or application performs its function without error
Who does this? Coder Programmer
What are they responsible for? Using source code and instructions to code/translate them into a language to be inputted into the machine or application Laying out the architecture, coding, and troubleshooting to make sure that a machine or application acts as it should
Skills required Knowing the ABC’s of the language, proper understanding of instructions provided Logic, analytical sticks, coding know-how, attention to detail
Can also refer to In recent years, it is also used to refer to beginner programming/programmers A professional in coding and programming, as opposed to the informal use of coder as a beginner

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