Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis

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Mitosis and meiosis are both different types of cellular division.

Mitosis Is the division of a single parent cell into two daughter cells. this type of division occurs in ordinary cells. Mitosis is the phase of the cell cycle in which chromosomes and organelles are separated into two independent daughter cells. Mitosis involves only one cell division. Mitosis results in diploid daughter cells. In mitosis daughter cells are genetically identical because no crossing over end the chiasmata formation take place. The interface of mitosis visible Chromosomes. In mitosis, prophase is the shortest phase. In prophases of the mitosis, chromosomes are formed Condense, and thickens. In the metaphase of mitosis, chromosomes are arranged own spindle fibers. In anaphase of mitosis, spindle fibers start contracting and chromosomes start separating from each other. Mitosis occurs in asexual reproduction.

Meiosis is a type of cell division in which the cell divides into four daughter cells each receiving half number of chromosomes of parent cells as in gamete production and spore formation. meiosis involves two successive cell divisions. meiosis forms haploid daughter cells. in meiosis, daughter cells are genetically different because of the formation of chiasmata and the exchange of genetic material between chromosomes. meiosis prophase is the prolonged phase of the cell division. the interface of the meiosis does not show any chromosome. The prophase I of meiosis Undergoes genetic exchange between sister chromatids of chromosomes. In metaphase I meiosis Chromosomes are adjusted on metaphase plate they are still present in homologous pairs, in anaphase I of meiosis Sister chromatid stay intact however homologous chromosomes move apart from each other. whereas meiosis occurred in sexual reproduction.

Mitosis Meiosis
Definition Division of cell into two daughter cells which are identical to each other. Division of germ cell into 4 sex cells each with half of the number of chromosomes from parent cell.
DNA Replication Occurs during interface before mitosis begins Occurs during interface before meiosis begins
Synapses of homologous chromosomes Does not occur Occurs during prophase
No. of daughter cells 2 each diploid 4 each haploid

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