Difference Between Paramedics and EMT

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Both are emergency health providers, but, what is the difference between them?

We all have been seeing in our favorite TV shows a team of medical professionals rushing towards the accident site and taking an injured person to the ambulance and then the hospital. But, who are they? They are part of the emergency medical service teams and can be reached at 911 in most countries. These teams have paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). EMTs are the common type of medical service providers while paramedics provide medical service at an advanced level.


EMTs are the first responders and provide emergency medical care. Their role is vital of all. Students who opt to become EMT enroll in a course of 170 hours and learn to assess the condition of patient and taking immediate actions respectively. Their common emergency treatments include splinting injures of patients in motor accident, administering epinephrine to allergic patients in emergency situation, administering CPR in case of cardiac arrest and much more. The skills they need to learn in their short course include oxygen administration, mask ventilation, deliveries, and other severe medical conditions.


Paramedics are specialized in giving immediate medical assistance to patients in emergency. The students must attend courses that may last 6-12 months having 1200-1800 hours in total. Their knowledge about human anatomy and other skills is vast and they learn physiology, cardiology, medical procedures and medications too. These courses are based on EMT skills and paramedics learn skills such as medication administration, intravenous lines, advanced airway management, EKG interpretation for heart patients, assisting in delivering baby etc. are all included in their training.

EMT Paramedics
Definition First responders to medical emergency. Medical team that provide medical treatment at advanced level.
Training Training period consists of 170 hours. Training period consists of 1200-1800 hours.
Criteria No prior experience is needed. EMT experience is a must in most cases to enroll for the paramedic course.
Scope of Practice They cannot perform anything that breaks the skin, not even an IV. They provide any medical attention required to save patients life.
Responsibility Move patients between the facilities. Stabilize patients’ condition while transferring them to hospital.

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