Difference between America and Nigeria

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United States of America

There are seven continents in the world including America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia (Oceania) and Antarctica. America is usually divided in North, Central and South America. America has 35 countries, while Africa has 54 countries. Both continents are separated by the Atlantic Ocean so they both have totally different climates and cultures that will be discussed here.


America is a continent, but it is also the name the United States of America are usually referred to as. As for the continent, it is usually divided in three for purposes of better understanding. North America is composed by three different countries: the USA, Canada and Mexico. The USA is the leading economy in the world, only behind China. Central America is the connection between the north and the south. It usually includes the Caribbean along with some other very tropical and paradise-like countries. South America is composed by the last 13 American countries. In South America the world’s largest rainforest; the Amazon, can be found. The Amazon covers a total of 5.5 million km².

So, when people talk about America, it is best to verify the context to know if someone is talking about the continent or the country.

As for the USA, also known as America (specifically by English speakers and even more so by Americans), it is the fourth biggest country in the world. The United States are the largest national economy in the world. It also leads in scientific and technological advances. America is also the largest capitalist force in the whole world.


Nigeria is a country that is located in the second most populated continent in the world, Africa. Within Africa, Nigeria is the most populated country, with 209,205,000 inhabitants. Africa is the hottest continent as it homes lots of deserts in it. Nigeria is precisely located in West Africa. Nigeria has total 36 states with northern half predominant Muslim population and southern half Christian population. There are also a number of ethnic groups in the country. Nigeria is known in the world as the Giant of Africa.

America (USA) Nigeria
Location A continent, but also, a country (the USA) that is part of this continent. A country in West Africa.
Capital Washington D.C. Abuya
Official language Federally, none. Although most people speak English. English along with Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.
Population With an estimate of 325 719 178 inhabitants, the USA is the 3rd most populated country in the world. Nigeria has an estimate population of 206 630 269, which ranks this African country as the 7th most populated country in the world.
GDP (nominal) $22,32 trillion USD. $504.57 billion USD, it is considered an emerging market by the World Bank.
Government America is a federal presidential constitutional republic. The current president of the USA is Donald Trump. As for Nigeria, it is also a federal presidential constitutional republic with Muhammadu Buhari as current president.
Currency United States Dollars (USD) Naira (NGN)

Venn Diagram[edit]

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