Difference between Army and Marines

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US Army and Marines are not the same.

Organizations like the army and marines often show up in movies, and most of us have dismissed them as soldiers that act on behalf of the nation who protect the people. Outside television, however, these people serve real duties and live real lives, each group unique in its own manner and purpose. Here are some differences between the army and marines.

The army, formally known as the United States Army in USA, is the main branch of the US Armed Forces. They specialize in land-based military operations. They are the largest branch in the Armed Forces as well as the oldest branch of the military. The US army serves to preserve peace, defend the nation against aggressive actions, and support national policies and implementations. Compared to the marines, the army is more prepared and suited for long-term/large-scale combat.

The United States Marine Corps, also known simply as the marines, are a flexible force designed to quickly respond to different situations like crises, defense, and counterterrorism. The marines are known as an amphibious group that can operate on land, sky, and sea. They have a more diverse aviation arm than the army but also considerable less manpower, being one of the smallest branches of the US Armed Forces.

US Army Marines
Definition A branch of the armed forces designed for land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest branch of the US military. A light and flexible branch of the armed forces suited to respond to various situations quickly. They can respond on ground, sea or sky
Specialization Land-based military force Flexible force that can operate on ground, sea or sky
Response More suited for long-term confrontations Quick response with capability to work with other forces/branches
Size 1,281,900 active personnel as of 2017 182,000 active personnel as of 2017
Classified under Department of the Army; Department of Defense Department of the Navy; Department of Defense
Motto This We’ll Defend Semper Fidelis
Insignia Star logo Eagle, globe, anchor
Headquarters The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, U.S. Headquarters - Marine Corps
Years active June 14, 1775 to present November 10, 1775 to present
Supplies and needs Has its own medical and dental support personal Provided by the navy

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