Difference between Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz

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The election race between  El Paso congressman Beto O’Rourke and Senator Ted Cruz for a Senate seat in Texas had been closely monitored by voters and the media. Their debates have been followed by Democrats and Republicans alike, who were eager to see who will rise as the victor in the end. Who are these two men, and what are their various differences?

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is an El Paso congressman and a democrat. Before his career in politics, O’Rourke dabbled in music and business, having co-founded an internet services company. His political career began in 2005 when he ran for the city council in El Paso and served as one of the youngest representatives. He announced candidacy for the seat last March 31, 2017.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is a republican senator for the state of Texas. Cruz pursued an education and career in law and then proceeded to work in government positions.  Cruz is notable for being a candidate for Republican nomination in the 2016 elections for the position of president. Cruz ultimately won the election for one of the tightest midterm races in the country with a narrow margin - 50.9% to Beto's 48.3%.

Beto Cruz
Complete name Robert Francis O’Rourke Rafael Edward Cruz
Place of birth 🇺🇸 El Paso, Texas, United States 🇨🇦 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Current position Congressman; member of the U.S. House of Representatives Senator
Spouse Amy Hoover Sanders Heidi Nelson
Political Party Democrat Republican
Education Columbia University Princeton University; Harvard University
Stance on drugs Supports legalization of cannabis Personally opposes the legalization of marijuana
Stance on abortion Pro-choice Por-life
Stance on LGBTQ Supports marriage equality Opposes same-sex marriage
Stance on healthcare Wishes to establish a universal healthcare system and emphasizes the importance of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. Criticizes and works to repeal the Affordable Care Act
Stance on gun policies Works to implement stricter oversight and intends to ban assault weapons Supports gun-rights
Stance on immigration Supports comprehensive immigration reform Opposes the comprehensive immigration reform
Stance on Trump Critical; rejects Trump’s methodologies Supportive of Trump
2018 Election Loss by narrow margin - 48.3% of total votes Victory by narrow margin - 50.9% of total votes