Difference between California King and King Size Bed

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For many of us, going to bed is one of the greatest pleasures in life, though we ourselves understate it many a time. The selection of a proper bed has become a process which needs careful deliberation as sleep has a direct impact on our mental and physical health. There are many varieties of beds available in the market these days, but none as popular as California King and King Size.

What sets them apart from each other, is their dimensions. The dimensions of a California King is 72x84 inches, whereas that of King Size is 76x80 inches. Due to its greater length, California King is usually suggested for the taller than average bunch.

Though both are popular, California King Size is rarer to find compared to King size beds. Due to this rarity, it is usually harder to find its accessories which in turn makes them costly as well.

Another fascinating fact is that the world leader in furniture, IKEA, does not sell California King Size, but they do sell their own customer King size beds which is half inch shorter than the standard King size beds.

In Europe, California King Size is also known as Western king, while the other is known as Eastern or Standard king.

California king King Size
Definition California King is longer. King Size is wider.
Dimensions Dimensions of California King are 72x84 inches. Dimension of King Size are 76x80 inches.
Cost California King is itself rare including its accessories which made it costly. King Size bed is not that much costly.
Other Name In Europe, California King is also called as Western King. King Size is also called as Eastern King in Europe.
Cons The accessory supplement is difficult. King Size is heavier to move.

Venn Diagram[edit]

California king vs king size.png