Difference between College and University

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College and University are similar concepts but not quite the same.

The difference between a college and a university is the courses they provide. Colleges are mostly smaller institutions that are meant for undergraduate education in a broad range of academic areas; while universities are larger institutes that provide undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education. Most of the universities are also committed to research programs. So, colleges and universities mostly differ in degree types and program offerings.


Colleges refer to technical institutes, community colleges, and liberal art colleges. Colleges feature small student populations, having small campuses. The majority of the colleges are organized and managed by private authorities and they receive no funds from the state or government. That’s the main reason many colleges do not provide research programs. Most of the colleges offer bachelor degree programs. There are many colleges which simply focuses on a single type of degree.


Either public or private universities always have large campuses, thousands of students, and they also provide research programs. Universities provide both undergraduate and graduate degree programs along with post-graduate research programs. These institutions campuses along with multiple varieties of degree programs. Universities are mostly devoted more to research providing proper labs for experiments and research. Moreover, either private or National universities get funds from the state. Due to large enrollment of students in university, they offer a greater variety of courses and programs to students.

College University
Definition A degree awarding tertiary educational institute. A higher level of educational institutes which also provide research forum.
Degrees Offered Colleges mostly offer Undergraduate degree programs. University offer under graduate and Graduate degree programs. Also provide research programs.
Affiliation Either affiliated with a university or autonomous body. They do not require any affiliations.
Head Principal, dean or a director. Vice chancellor.
Size Most of them are small in size Usually large.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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