Difference between Custard and Ice Cream

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Ice cream

Are you fond of sweets? I love ice-cream and prefer it over custard. Because it is icy cold and feels good when consumed. Custard looks no different than ice-cream, it is creamy, sweet and icy too. Then what’s the difference between the two? Although the difference does not matter much for the sweet lovers but we all want to know the answers. Let us dig into them more and learn them.


The custard is rich, dense and creamy frozen dessert. It contains sugar, cream, milk and more specifically egg yolks. According to IDFA, a custard dessert should contain at least 10% milkfat by weight and 1.4% egg yolks solids by weight hence having more protein. Ice cream does not have egg yolks, that’s what differs them both. The custard is frozen in the continuous freezer thus having less air into the mixture and become dense. It is served without the rush to be melt, as the egg yolks are stable at high temperature, so yeah you can enjoy this dessert at any temperature.

Ice Cream[edit]

Ice cream is made from milk, sugar and cream with the added flavors. It is served at lowest temperature and cream melts quickly. According to IDFA, an ice cream contains at least 10% milkfat irrespective of egg yolks which are non-existent in ice cream. During its making, ice cream mixes more air into it hence making it fluffier. Many of the home-made ice creams add eggs too because of limited access to professional ice cream makers. Ice cream have numerous flavors suited to different occasions.

Custard Ice cream
Definition A rich, dense and creamy dessert. A sweetened frozen dessert.
Ingredients Milk, sugar, cream and egg yolks. Milk, sugar and cream.
Preparation Custard is prepared in a machine which mixes less air into it to make it dense. Ice cream is prepared in a machine that mixes much air into it to make it fluffier.
Serving It can be served on higher temperature too. It is only served on lower temperature.
Flavors Custard has limited flavors. Ice cream have numerous flavors.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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