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Walt Disney Pictures
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Disney and Pixar are technically separate companies that are owned by same "parent" company i.e. Walt Disney Company. Pixar is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios. The difference is that Walt Disney Animation was part of Disney since the beginning while Pixar was purchased by it later on. Both companies have created movies that are considered by many, masterpieces.


Walt Disney is an animation studio that has produced over 50 Disney films. It was created by Walt Disney himself in 1923. Disney movies are basically adaptations of previous work such as fairy tales, legends and books etc. Disney Animation is known to have told a lot of stories using  different animation styles. As most of Disney films are based on fairy tales and are going along the classics, their movies usually start with the ‘Once upon a time...” theme.


Pixar is a computer animation studio that has produced 20 animated movies. It began working back in 1986, later than Disney Studios. The movies of Pixar are original work which have heavy investment in world building. Pixar movies usually have sequels, as a matter of fact about a third of all their movies are sequels. Their main focus is on the use of CGI animation technology.

The theme of Pixar movies is “What if…’ and let children wonder and think. These movies give realistic feels as the characters usually have very expressive faces.

Disney Pixar
Foundation Disney was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney himself. Pixar was found in 1986.
Content type Disney movies are adaptation of fairy tales and legends. Movies of Pixar are original work and is based on sequels.
Theme Disney movies mostly start with "once upon a time..." Pixar movies start with "what if..."
Critics ratings Critics ratings of Disney are 80% in average. As for Pixar, critics ratings are 89% in average.
Examples Cinderella, Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Dumbo, The jungle book, etc (along with every live-action remake). Toy Story, Inside Out, Coco, Finding Nemo, Up!, Wall-e, Ratatouille, etc.

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