Difference between E*trade and Robin Hood

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Robin Hood

E*Trade and Robinhood are investment platforms. E*Trade provides an electronic trading platform to its customers. Robinhood is there to provide financial services for investments via its website and mobile app. These are available for Android and iOS. There are some differences between both of these platforms.


E*Trade offers trading of financial assets via electronic trading platform. The investments that can be made through E*Trade include mutual funds, common stocks, preferred stocks and fixed income investments etc. Other services E*Trade provide to its customers include student loan benefits, margin lending, online banking and cash management services.


Basically, Robinhood is an investment platform that is operable via mobile app. This mobile app helps people to invest in stocks and options through Robinhood financial and crypto trading. There is no storefront office of robinhood and it entirely operates online via its website and mobile apps. The interest earned on customer’s cash balances and margin landing is the only revenue generating source for the company.

E*Trade Robinhood
Definition A full services platform. Offers limited investment options online.
Headquarter The headquarter is located in New York City. Headquarter of Robinhood is located in California.
Foundation E*Trade was founded in 1982. Robinhood was founded in 2018.
Mobile app There is no mobile app for E*Trade. It operates online on mobile apps.
Number of employees The number of employees is more than 4000. The number of employees is 908.
Subsidiary There is no subsidiary of E*Trade. Robinhood has subsidiaries such as Robinhood Crypto etc.
Student loan It offers student loan benefits. There is no such service available.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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