Difference between LX and EX Honda Civic

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This reliable model is Honda's best seller.

The Honda Civic has a reputation that has been built for more than 50 years, and they hope to keep up with the momentum in years to come. Honda Civic will always be a favorite choice among car lovers. The Honda Civic Lx and Ex have been a great success. They come with excellent interior and exterior designs, strong engines, and low fuel consumption, managed in any given economy. The LX Civic is the base model from Honda, while the EX is the premium. Though they both come with powerful engines and other excellent features, the Honda Civic EX model comes with more options and features as it stands out from the LX.

LX Honda Civic[edit]

LX is the base model of the Honda Civic cars. LX rims come in steel. LX also comes with a smaller engine and is lighter in weight than the EX.

EX Honda Civic[edit]

EX is the premium of the Honda Civic model. The rims of EX are made from aluminum. It comes with a bigger engine than the LX, making it faster and durable than its counterpart. It is also heavier in weight than the LX and comes with a moon roof, another characteristic that is lacking in EX.

Honda civic LX Honda civic EX
Price It is cheaper than the EX model. It is more expensive than LX.
Space It has a limited space compared to EX. It is quite larger than the LX.
Rims LX rims are made out of steel. EX rims are made from aluminum.
Engine It comes with a smaller engine. It comes with a bigger engine.
Moon roof LX does not have one. EX comes with a moon roof.

Venn Diagram: Honda Civic LX vs Honda Civic EX[edit]

Honda Civic EX vs LX.jpg