Difference between LastPass and Dashlane

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In this era of great technology and risks, it might be a good idea to secure your accounts with different passwords. However, memorizing those passwords can sometimes turn out to be not only difficult, but also, unpractical. For your convenience, there are different softwares that can manage your passwords, so that you don't have to risk loosing your online life. With this softwares, you do not have to remember a complex, unique password for each account. This is specially useful in companies where employees use an important number of accounts and passwords. The password manager will remember them and you'll only have to remember one master password. There are many different password managers softwares available. LastPass and Dashlane, for example, are some of the most popular out there. Both perform the same functions but have some unique features too that you might want to consider before choosing either one.


When talking about free password managers, LastPass is considered by many the best. It supports all major platforms and also has a lot of interesting features. The free version of LastPass has as many features as the paid version and also sync across an infinite number of devices. Also, there is no need to download the LastPass software on your computer. Instead, the software is present in the form of a browser extension and it is a full-featured web interface. You can keep your entire data local. For Windows and Linux, there is a LastPass Pocket option.


Although Dashlane is also a password manager, it is very different from LastPass. Dashlane exists as a download-only app. However, it is still easy to use as if it was fully web-based. This software is simple and easy to use. Dashlane will store your data in the cloud. As one of it's very unique set of features, not only does it store login credentials, but also confidential notes, receipts of online purchases and other documents as well. You can also search and safely share your content with a third party. If a site you have registered is compromised then Dashlane immediately alerts you and prompts for the password change with a click on an appropriately named Password Changer. You can also use a fingerprint to log in.

LastPass Dashlane
Individual pricing Individual plans start at $36 dollars per year. As for Dashlane, individual plans go from $59.88 up to $119.88 USD per year.
Pricing in family plans Starts at $4 USD per user a month, and is available for up to 6 users, however, you most note it is annually billed. Sadly, Dashlane has no family plan to offer yet. 
Is there a free plan option available? Yes Yes
Business plan Starting at $48 for person and for up to 50 users at the same time. Billed annually. Same as LastPass, starts at $48 for person. There is no users limit, however, it is annually billed.
Term lenght Annual Annual

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