Difference between MBA and Executive MBA

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Do you know the actual difference between an EMBA and a MBA?

Gone are those days when people thought it was not easy to continue their studies once they got a job. There are a lot of options for working people, which can help them improve their education level and inspire them. One of these courses is EMBA, the acronym of Executive Master of Business Administration,. managers, executives, executives, etc., to continue their education while continuing their current job. EMBA is often misunderstood as a regular MBA course, but the former is a variant of the latter. This article will help you understand the difference between MBA and EMBA.


Master of Business Administration, or MBA for short, is a post-graduate course aimed at satisfying students' desire to master business administration. It covers all major business areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, operations, and human resources. MBA is a globally recognized professional title that provides basic and advanced skills required for business and management. It is one of the most popular graduate school courses in the world. Business schools offer this course in various forms: full-time MBA, evening MBA, part-time MBA, correspondence MBA, online MBA, EMBA.

Executive MBA[edit]

EMBA simply means Executive Master of Business Administration. It is a business degree designed for executives and business professionals who want to improve their business skills and gain a more significant position in their careers at the same time. The Executive MBA curriculum is flexible and can help managers, executives and executives meet their educational needs. In addition, MBA students have high-level work experience.

Course Full-time Part-time
Fees High Relatively low
Duration Long Relatively short
Classes All through the academic year Weekends only
Approach Theoretical and practical Mostly practical
Eligibility Graduation + minimum marks in the entrance exam mandated by the university. Graduation + minimum work experience required by the university
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