Difference between Male and Female Pelvis

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Male and female anatomies are very different.

The male and female human body have various differences due to function as well as hormonal reasons. The male and female pelvis are particularly different because of the reproductive system unique to each sex. Here, we discuss the differences between the male and female pelvis.

The male pelvis is not as large and wide as the female pelvis. The iliac crests for males are placed higher than females. This results in a taller and narrower appearance of their false pelvis. The sacrum is narrower, straighter, and longer, with a more pronounced sacral promontory. The male pelvic bone is generally heavier and thicker in order to support a male’s heavier build.

The female pelvis tends to be larger and wider than the male because of the female reproductive system. Its main purpose is childbearing, and thus, the structure of the female pelvis is made so that it supports this function. The female pelvis is roomier - its sacrum is shorter but wider than the male pelvis. Their pelvic inlet is rounder than that of a male pelvis.

Male pelvis Female pelvis
General structure Heavy and thick Light and thin
Structure advantageous to Bipedal locomotion Childbirth
False pelvis Deep Shallow
True pelvis Tapering, narrow and deep Cylindrical, wide and shallow
Pelvic inlet Heart shaped Oval-shaped
Term used for the angle between the inferior public rami Subpubic angle Pubic arch
Degree of the angle 70 degrees 90-100 degrees
Acetabilum Large Small
Greater sciatic notch Narrow, inverted V, about 70 degrees Almost 90 degrees
Iliac crest Higher Lower
Sacrum Longer, narrower, and straighter Shorter and wider
Coccyx Projected inwards, immovable Straighter, more flexible

Venn Diagram[edit]