Difference between Medicare for all and Public Option

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Medicare for All and Public Option are two hot topics over the last couple of years in the United States. These two are intended to provide affordable medical and health services to US citizens. Medicare for All is intended to provide medical services to every American citizen regardless of their age and health status. On the other hand, Public Option wold be for middle-income and working age adults who cannot afford the private insurance plans. Let us dig more about them.

Medicare for All.[edit]

Medicare is a federal program that is regulated by private insurance companies. It is limited only to people of 65 years old or above or with certain health conditions. Medicare for All is set to provide health services to everyone. It would be regulated only by the government instead of private insurance companies. Citizens would have to pay extra taxes for health services and there wouldn't be no annual deductibles or monthly premium. It will include all of the hospital bills, medication costs, maternity and pediatric costs and addition drug coverage option too.

Public Option.[edit]

Public Option is like a compromise between the single payer system and America’s current health care system in which only certain age limited persons are eligible. Public Option would be for middle-income and working age adults who are unable to cover the private insurance companies bills. Many democrats want to bring this Public Option acting back to help the middle-class citizens with their health-related costs. This would allow people to buy their own Medicare plans. The age limit is above 50 years. Employers would have the choice of Medicare to offer health benefits to their workers instead of private insurance programs. Moreover, individuals can choose themselves between private health care plans or Medicare plans.}

Medicare for all Public option
What is it? An American health care system for everyone regardless of age. An American health care system for middle-income working class citizens.
Eligibility Every US citizen of any age and health condition is eligible for Medicare for All. There is an age limit i.e. workers aged 50 or more are eligible for this plan.
Coverage Medicare for All will have all the coverage of original Medicare along with additional benefits. It will have the Medicare plan coverage.
Taxes Citizens will have to pay the respective taxes in order to have Medicare for All plan. There is no such condition of health care taxes.
Private insurance There will be no need of private insurance companies. Citizens will choose a private insurance company or a Medicare plan.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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