Difference between Netflix Canada and USA

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Netflix is a platform which allows its subscribers to enjoy movies, shows, series and documentaries streaming. People pay for its subscription on monthly basis according to their subscription plans. It is available in many countries of the world (190 countries). USA and Canada are some of those countries. Although it is the same platform, there are many differences between such service in both countries.

Netflix Canada.[edit]

Netflix Canada is available for Canada residents only. There is content that is not available available yet for Canada or content that is only available for Canada. This is because Netflix sets its content for each region specifically. So, in Netflix Canada we might find movies or shows that are still not available for other regions. Other than that, we noticed that the subscription plans are cheaper than those from other countries.

Netflix USA.[edit]

Netflix USA is only available for USA residents as well. However, Netflix USA can be accessible to the Canadian citizens using a VPN to enjoy all features of Netflix to the fullest.

Netflix Canada Netflix USA
Location It is specifically available for Canada residents. Likewise, Netflix USA is only available for US residents.
Launch Netflix Canada was launched in 2010. Netflix USA was launched back in 1998.
Movies The number of movies found on Netflix Canada is 3,998. As for Netflix USA, the total number of movies available is 4,339.
TV shows There are 1,462 TV shows available on Netflix Canada. There are 1,326 Tv shows that are available on Netflix USA.
Prices Basic plan: $9.99 CAD per month ($6.96 USD)

Standard plan: $13.99 CAD per month ($9.75 USD) Premium plan: $16.99 CAD per month ($11.84 USD)

Basic plan: $8.99 USD per month ($12.91 CAD) Standard plan: $12.99 USD per month ($18.65 CAD) Premium plan: $15.99 USD per month ($22.95)

Venn Diagram[edit]

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