Difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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Prime Video by Amazon

There is hardly any person who does not know about Netflix and /or Amazon Prime Video. But there are very few among them who know all of the differences between them. Basically, they both offer paid subscriptions to their customers and offer them streaming on their favorite programs and movies etc.


Netflix is a streaming service available for its paid viewers on a variety of devices. People are able to watch favorites programs, documentaries and movies etc. Netflix allows its subscribers to enjoy lag free streaming by making the use of ISPs provide by Open Connect Appliances. There are approximately 13,000 people in the world who are streaming in HD at the same time.

Amazon Prime Video[edit]

Amazon Prime Video is a paid subscription that gives its subscribers a lot of services in entertainment industry as well as shopping at Amazon store. The videos, movies or shows on Amazon Prime are accessible on paid subscription or people can rent those videos. There is also a service called as Amazon Prime Student for the college students until their graduation.

Netflix Prime video
Definition A paid video streaming service compatible on all devices. A paid video streaming service compatible on limited devices.
Subscribers 30 million subscribers. 10 million subscribers.
Subscription Netflix has three subscription plans. Amazon Prime Video has single subscription.
Content Netflix have huge library of content. Amazon is "new" hence it has limited content.
Devices It is available on any internet connected device via Amazon app. Amazon is available on limited devices via web browser and other options.
Video quality Its content is lag free in HD and HDR. Not ideal on slower connections but lags Netflix behind in HDR content.
Library There are 100,000 videos and other content. There are 40,000 streaming movies and other content.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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