Difference between Occupation and Profession

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Occupation and profession are not the same.

These two words, profession and occupation, are often used interchangeably. People use them as synonyms, and as there is a very thin line between both, there are little issues with that. Both are similar, since they refer to what someone does for earning its own livelihood but are definitely not the same. Let us discuss difference between these two concepts.


Occupation is a type of activity that is undertaken by a person to earn their livelihood. No special and long-term training or learning is required to take on an occupation. People having an occupation have an average social status. Wages of people vary from low to medium depending upon the occupation. It also varies since different occupations can have different ways of production. An occupation is a way of earning livelihood with a job that people are payed to perform. It can also be referred to as a job or an employment. Drivers, shopkeepers, clerks, receptionist etc. are all examples of occupations.


On the other hand, a profession is an occupation for which a person has completed a degree and has specific training. People are paid on the basis of their skill and experience in the field. Profession requires formal qualifications and long-term training. It is an intellectual pursuit involved to obtain required qualifications and a degree.

Occupations can become a profession by the development of formal qualification and experience. Lawyers, doctors, professors etc. are some examples of profession.

Occupation Profession
Definition An activity or a job performed to earn livelihood. An occupation for which a person has completed degree and obtained training.
Training There is no long-term training to adopt an occupation. Profession requires a professional degree along with specified training.
Salary An occupation salary range usually goes from low to medium. A profession usually has higher salaries, but that depends on several factors.
Payment Occupation pays for one’s time. Profession pays for what a person knows.

Venn Diagram[edit]

Occupation vs profession.png