Difference between PhD and Doctorate

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The concept of education and its impact on society has evolved over time. There are many options to choose from nowadays, from vocational school to graduate school, or whether to proceed to a PhD or Doctorate degree. The latter two are known to be the highest distinction that can be given to a person by an educational institution. Here, we discuss the differences between a PhD and doctorate.

A Ph.D is a specific degree under the doctorate category - the term itself stands for “Doctor of Philosophy.” The degree focuses on the academic aspect and is more concerned with professions concerning research, consultancy or teaching. The dissertation requirements for a PhD is also different due to it being more defined. While a PhD is more specific in focus than a doctorate, it also possesses various fields of specialization like humanities, social sciences, hard sciences, and education. Many educational institutions prefer or even require their teaching staff to hold a PhD degree.

Meanwhile, a doctorate is a broader term for a rank or degree. Someone who pursues a doctorate can end up with a professional or academic degree. Categories include education, law, business, engineering, and medicine. Many professionals who wish to expand their knowledge, career eligibility and even their career options higher in the ladder opt to take a doctorate. Incidentally, a Ph.D is an option when choosing a doctorate degree.

PhD Doctorate
Definition Stands for “Doctor of Philosophy,” it is one of the doctorate degree options that focuses on the academic and research aspect Highest distinction or degree given to someone by an educational institution, involving years of coursework, fieldwork and studies
Category A type of doctorate Umbrella term for a higher rank or degree
Focus Research, consultancy, and teaching Either academe or professional focus
On theories and knowledge Students are expected to contribute to them Students are expected to apply them in a practical manner
Dissertation Usually requires a defense and a publishing requirement wherein the content is publishable in a peer-reviewed academic journal Submitted for review and assessment
Career implications Focus on the research, consultancy and academe lines; many teaching institutions prefer their teaching staff to have PhD degrees Can go for the academe or professional track; many pursue a doctorate to climb up the career ladder through eligibility
Examples PhD (Eng) or Doctor of Engineering, DProf or Doctor of Professional Studies, Th.D or Doctor of Theology D.A. or Doctor of Arts, Dr.P.H or Doctor of Public Health, D.M. or Doctor of Management

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