Difference between Prayer and Supplication

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Sometimes people refer prayer and supplication as being the same. But actually both terms mean different things and have different procedures and purposes. Prayer is known to be a communication bridge between God and people while supplication is basically asking for favors which involves more emotions and even some kneeling down or other physical way of doing so. Both terms are closely related to each other as both are meant for reverence and invocation to God. Let us discuss their differences.


Prayer is a form of communication between people and God. It has the purpose of praising Him, asking for favors and thanks giving. It is characterized by using the epithets of God by heaping the praise on the various qualities and power of God. People tends to thank Him for all the favors and blessings He has bestowed upon us. Prayer is done on the regular basis and it is believed that repetition brings more power to it.


Supplication is a form of worshiping God, usually done by kneeling down  in order to make a humble petition to God. In supplication, there is always a request made to the God. There is no need of mentioning the epithets of God in supplication, it is a humble request that is personally and emotionally made to God. Supplication is requesting humbly for favors and blessings.

Prayer Supplication
Definition An act of praising God or asking for favors. An act of making request and asking something.
Use of Epithets Disneyland is relatively small, it occupies 510 acres of land. No epithets of God are used in supplication, a mere humble request is made.
Kneeling down A prayer is characterized by using and mentioning the epithets of God to heap the praises on His qualities. It is actually an act of kneeling and bending down to humbly ask for blessings and favors.
Focus It is focused on the personal forms of God. Supplication is not focused on personal forms of God. It is a request made without focusing on the forms of God.
Selfishness Prayer is made for one’s own interest. It is made for the benefit and well-being of mankind in general.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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