Difference between RN and BSN

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Do you know the difference between a RN and a BSN?

Nursing as a career path offers a wealth of specialties and path. Depending on the path you choose, you need different kinds of certificates and even level of education. RN and BSN both terms are related to nursing. RN stands for a Registered nurse while BSN stands for Bachelors of science in nursing. BSN is a degree you earn while RN is basically a license you are granted through your state. RN have slightly less pay scale than BSN. BSN have more salary than RN and have more opportunities of promotion than RN.


A registered nurse is a nurse who has completed all education and examination requirements. And has been licensed to practice nursing in their state. RN is also a job title or a position or rank. The first step to become RN is to earn a diploma in nursing. It is an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. On completion of this diploma or a degree RN candidate appear in NCLEX-RN exams.


Bachelor of science in Nursing is an educational degree rather than a diploma or a job title. Nurses can earn BSN in one of the two ways. Nurses can pursue a BBSN and RN at the same time through an entry level program. Nurses who have graduated from BSN can become RN. BSN graduates develop unique skills that can set them apart from RN who don’t hold a BSN degree. This includes skills in leadership, management, problem-solving, communication and critical thinking.

Example It’s a diploma It’s an educational degree
Example A Registered Nurse cannot be a BSN until and unless they have a BSN Degree. A BSN graduate can also be a registered nurse.
Example They have "less" skills than BSN. They have better skills than RN.
Example They appear in NCLEX-RN exam They do not appear in NCLEX-RN exam.
Example They have a less impressive salary than a BSN. !! They usually have better payment that a RN.

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