Difference between SolidWorks and NX

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Siemens NX

With the advent of technology, softwares have replaced traditional and conventional tools that makes the whole engineering and estimation processes smooth and error-free. SolidWorks and NX are two such softwares that enable it. Though both of them, when broadly classified, fall into the same bucket (CAD systems), there are notable differences that set them apart from each other. Here are a few. 

SolidWorks (Siemens) NX
What is it? SolidWorks is in its basic essence, a 3D modelling software which can also be used to make the assembly of a system. Most students begin to learn about CAD systems with SolidWorks. NX, on the other hand is a PM-product, lifestyle management software which enables one to create a simulation of their design/product in its working environment.
Pricing When it comes to price, SolidWorks can be perceived  overpriced for what it has to offer. However, it is also comparatively cheaper that an NX licence. The licence to NX is considered overall expensive. That's why we recommend only purchasing it if you are sure you will leverage its full potential.
Reputation Although opinions about SolidWorks vary, it is considered that it offers rather basic capabilities. Nowadays, only small businesses and schools use SolidWorks. It is, so to say, a basic, safe option within CAD systems. Big businesses tend to prefer NX rather than SolidWorks. If what you are looking for is a tool that helps you create within basic environments, then NX might not be the right choice for you.
User interface It is functional, simple and basic. It fulfills with the given task. Solidworks interface is considered super intituitive, thus its performance is usually described as smooth. The UI of SolidWorks and NX are similar, though NX's UI is a notch above SolidWorks, thanks to its fluidity and powerfulness.

It is built on a very old code base called Unigraphics. This means that some of its characteristics can be slow and difficult to operate.

Features Featurewise, SolidWorks makes rendering feels like a piece of cake. However, it can get slow and somehow restrictive. It features no direct modelling tools. NX comes with a host of features which makes it an all-in-one software, granting access to both modeling and manufacturing for design and machine operators.

The toolset has no match, it is very complete. Most users think NX is far better than SolidWorks because of this characteristic.

Venn Diagram[edit]