Difference between Summary and Synthesis.

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There are some differences between a Synthesis and a Summary

Summary and synthesis are both strategies that are used in reading, studying and researching. Although both of these strategies might seem similar, they are entirely different from each other. Each one has it's own purpose, method and end result. However, it is safe to say that most people still often confuse both terms. Here are a few key differences that are highlighted for enhanced learning.


A summary is defined as a brief statement that includes the important points of an event or something. It is the conclusion of work that is already done. When a person reads something, they highlight the main points, characters and events which are then explained briefly in his own words. So, a summary is the condensing of available information, taking extracts and presenting in own words without lacking important details.


On the other hand, a synthesis is a process in which ideas are combined and evolved into the understanding of any given text. Original insights, perspectives and understandings are created by merging elements from the original text. It not only serves to highlight the important points but also gives an opportunity to the reader to draw their own conclusions. Information from different sources is combined and contrasted.

Synthesis not only focus on the main idea but details are also not ignored. In this way new insights are achieved.

Summary Synthesis
Definition A brief statement including main points and events. A process of combining the ideas and evolving into understanding of text.
Technique It is a basic technique of reading. Synthesis is an advanced technique of reading.
Purpose Summary combines information to highlight the main points and events. Synthesis combines the information from different sources to highlight the main events while helping to draw their own conclusions.
Source At a time, summary addresses one source, each source remains apart from the others. A variety of sources are used for creating a synthesis, so they are usually combined into one single entity.
Focus The main focus of a summary is to present a cursory overview. As for a synthesis the focus remains both in main ideas and details.

Venn Diagram[edit]

Summary vs Synthesis.png