Difference between Trump and Obama

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Barack Obama and Donald Trump

Both Trump and Obama are well-known throughout the world due to their unique position of being presidents of the United States of America. Here are some distinctions between these men of power.

Barack Obama served as the 44th president of the U.S. during the 2009-2017 term. He is also known as the first African-American to serve as president. Before his presidency, Obama was an attorney as well as a senator based in Illinois.

He was succeeded by Donald John Trump, who became the 45th president of the United States. He is also known as the oldest and richest person to become president. He is also notable for being the first president who had not rendered military or government service before his post.

Both politicians also have opposite views when it comes to different policies and beliefs. This is also reflected in their political stance. Wherein Obama is a Democrat and moderately liberal, Trump is part of the Republican party and is more inclined to conservative views.

Trump Obama
Name Donald John Trump Barack Hussein Obama II
Current position 45th president of the USA. Ex-president of the USA (44th president).
Duration of term January 20, 2017 - Present January 20,2009 - January 20, 2017
Political party Republican Democrat
Spouse Melania Trump Michelle Obama
Stance on LGBTQ Supports same sex marriage Supports same sex marriage
Stance on feminism Not active in support of feminism Supports women’s rights
Stance on abortion Conservative on the issue Believes it is a woman’s unrestricted right
Stance on healthcare Works to repeal Obamacare Encouraged Obamacare
Stance on immigration Practices strict control on immigration and works to remove illegal immigrants Open to immigration but deported illegals, albeit not as much as Trump’s scale
Stance on taxation Works to reduce taxes for the American people Worked to increase tax for wealthier classes
Stance on guns ownership In favor Limited level of ownership
Stance on energy Supportive in the use of fossil fuels Emphasized the importance of green energy
Stance on Social Security Wishes for privatization Opposes privatization
Stance on religion Supportive on religion Supportive on religion
Vision for the country To make America great again Strength in diversity; One American family