Difference between Twin and Twin XL (Mattress)

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The difference in size might not be huge but is significant.

Choosing the perfect mattress for you can be a complicated process which should start by choosing the right mattress size. A twin mattress should come to your mind if are buying a mattress for a child or a single person. The smallest of the six standard mattress sizes are twin and twin XL sizes. Suitable for adults and children (although just one person at a time) Twin and twin XL models cost less than the larger sizes and occupy a tiny portion of a bedroom space. Most twin and twin XL mattresses are 38 or 39 inches wide. However, a twin size is usually 75 inches long, while a twin XL is generally 80 inches long.

Twin size mattress[edit]

A twin size mattress (a single bed) measures 38 by 74 inches. The twin size mattress is the smallest standard size that is available in the market today. Twin-size mattresses are the best fit for children’s rooms, particularly for families with multiple children. Parents may also find bunk beds as an excellent option for extra play space. Twin size mattresses or single size beds are also a good choice when choosing guest beds and for adults with limited living spaces such as studio apartments.

Twin XL Size Mattress[edit]

A twin-XL mattress measures 38 by 80 inches. That is, about the same size as a twin bed, with just 6 inches difference in length. This additional length makes it the best fit for taller people, providing them more legroom. It is also suitable for living rooms and studio apartments and is often found in college dorms.

Twin size Twin XL size
Pricing Ranges between $100 to $1500 depending on the city and the brand. Usually ranges between $300 to over $2000 dollars.
Dimensions 38 inches by 74 inches 38 inches by 80 inches
Surface area 2,850 to 2,925 square inches 3,040 to 3,120 square inches

Venn Diagram: Twin size bed vs Twin XL size.[edit]

Venn Diagram Twin size vs twin xl size bed mattress.jpg