Difference between Vaseline and Baby Vaseline

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Baby vaseline

Skin gets irritated and dry due to harsh and extreme weather situation during the winter season. This leads to cracked skin and chapped lips. As skin is in direct contact with the cold weather, it gets the most damage in the form of irritation, cracked skin, chapped lips, rashes and many other skin conditions.

Dermatologists and pharmacist constantly work on the creation of products that are suitable for every skin condition. However, sometimes simple is best. Vaseline is the example of that. It helps keep the skin moisturized, retains moisture, heal superficial wounds, etc. There are several types of Vaseline. This time we will talk about regular Vaseline and Baby Vaseline.


Also called petroleum jelly or petrolatum. It is a semi-solid mix of waxes and mineral oils that acts as topical ointment due to its healing properties. Vaseline is a thick and waxy paste that is applied to the skin to treat minor cuts and burns, dry skin and rashes, etc. It is ideal to be used on chapped lips, cuts and burns, and eczema. Vaseline is also being used in cosmetics.

Baby Vaseline.[edit]

Baby Vaseline is basically the same product as Vaseline, however it has less of a concentration of white petrolatum (98%, while regular Vaseline has a 100% concentration of this ingredient). It is meant to be used for babies and their delicate skins. It helps against diaper rashes by forming a barrier and locking the moisture to prevent chafed skin.

Vaseline Baby vaseline
Use This product can be used by all age groups. This product is specifically made for babies, although anyone can use it.
Effect on skin It is very gentle on regular skin. Might even be used on babies, although there is Baby Vaseline for that purpose. It is gentler on delicate baby skin.
Odor Vaseline is mostly odorless. A sweet, minimal powdery scent is added to the product.
Cost It is usually cheap, with prices ranges beginning at $3.50 USD. It is slightly more expensive than regular Vaseline. It costs anything around $4.30 USD.

Venn Diagram[edit]

Vaseline vs Baby Vaseline.png