Difference between Vaseline and Moisturizer

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There are different kinds of moisturizers

It is a common practice that people use Vaseline in winter to moisturize their skin. Vaseline for moisturization? Vaseline and moisturizer? Aren’t these two the same terms? Or we had been using them wrong? Let us find out how they are similar to each other and how they are different from each other. Vaseline is the name of brand and itself is a moisturizer, while moisturizer is a broad term which includes a lot of products including Vaseline as well.


As can been seen from the packaging, Vaseline is the name of a brand that was formed in 19th century. Product went on evolution and today we have variety of Vaseline products including creams, lotions and petroleum jelly. Vaseline helps lock the moisture inside the skin and hence prevent dryness in winter. Vaseline forms a thick waxy layer on the skin it is applied to lock the moisture inside.


Moisturizer is a broader term that is used for all the products, it refers to all those products which provide nourishment to the skin. Moisturizer is any product that keeps the skin hydrated and makes it less dry. Vaseline is also one of those moisturizers. It is the quality or you can say attribute of the product whether it is cream, lotion or petroleum jelly. A good moisturizer has antioxidant properties to nourish the skin.

Vaseline Moisturizer
Definition Vaseline is the name of brand. Any product that keeps skin hydrated.
Composition Do not have anti-oxidant properties. Have anti-oxidant properties to nourish the skin.
Nature A thick waxy layer that locks in the moisture. Moisturizer have different grades of hydrating the skin.
Use Healing and moisturizing skin. Moisturizing skin
Types Only single types of product which are waxy and thick. A variety of products varying in grades of their thickness.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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