Difference between Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum jelly

Winter season brings dry and irritated skins with it. Many products are available in the market that help moisturizing dry skin and treat other skin conditions including cuts, burns and rashes etc. Petroleum jelly is one of these products, and it has been around for centuries. People mostly rely on it because it is a simple, non-expensive easy to find product. Many brands commercialize this product, being Vaseline the most popular one.


Vaseline is actually the brand name of a lot of products that have white petrolatum as their main ingredient. Vaseline in part of Unilever, and it began being manufactured back in 1859. Initially it was used for medical purposes. Vaseline is purely made of petroleum jelly (white petrolatum) Vaseline brand currently markets a wide variety of products such as lotions, creams, ointments and baby moisturizers etc.

Petroleum jelly.[edit]

It is a semi-solid mixture that is made up of hydrocarbons. It is also called petrolatum or white paraffin. It is refined at various grades to be used as a skin product. It has various functions such as fungal treatment, diaper and genital rashes as well as cosmetic use. Many brands commercialize it. It can be found as petroleum jelly because it is its generic name.

Vaseline Petroleum jelly
Definition Name of  a brand. A substance from which a lot of products are made, such as Vaseline.
Odor It has lavender oil or baby powder smell. It has a peculiar smell of its own.
Types Vaseline is available in the market in various products as lotion, creams and ointments. Petroleum jelly is available in the market in tubs or small containers.

Venn Diagram[edit]

Vaseline vs petrolatum jelly.png