Difference between dance and classical dance (ballet)

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Dance has a lot of different ways
Ballet is one kind of dancing.

Dance is an art. It is an act of devotion, discipline, fun and self-expression. There are dance schools where students are taught this art; the art of moving the body in a rhythmic way. Dance has many forms which depends upon the culture. Classical dance and folk dance are among those types.


Dance is a performing art that consists of rhythmic human movement with music (sometimes even without music) within a given space. It has a lot of purposes like expressing an idea or an emotion, releasing energy, having fun and others. Yet, people also simply perform it for taking delight in the movements. It can be an informal play, can be a part of ritual or even part of a professional performance.

Dance has a lot of forms and types. Few of them include ballet, ballroom dance, bharatnatyam, kathak, break dance, lion dance, tap dance, salsa, waltz, belly dance, swing and many, many more. Each one differs from the others on the basis of culture and purpose.

Classical Dance (Ballet)[edit]

Classical dance is one kind of dancing. Ballet dance is its refined form. Classical dance is about grace, elegance, precision, stamina and composure of the person. It can be performed solo, in couple or in groups. This type of dance developed on the basis of technique, execution and beauty and has been taught traditionally through centuries. Ballet dance requires use of specific clothing and shoe wear. Their shoes are pointed and are specifically designed for dancers to appear to have longer legs. Ballet dance often requires classical music from orchestra.

Dance Classical dance (ballet)
Definition The art of moving one's body in rhythmic movements. A dance associated with elegance and grace, that is technical and usually follows a story line.
Clothing There is no specific dress code for dancing in general, although it depends a lot on the kind of dance, the venue and the occasion. Ballet dance have specific clothing that includes a leotards, tutus, tights, and pointe shoes, among others.
Purpose Dance is performed to express oneself, to have fun, as a discipline, to release stress and exercise in a pleasant way. The is no one sole purpose. Ballet usually is all about story-telling, the dancers tell a story with their movements and their dancing.
Preparation Dance can be performed by anyone, anytime. It depends on the type of dance, however, most humans are born with the capacity of dancing. Ballet is a discipline that is learned over time, it usually take years and years of preparation.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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