Differences between Microsoft Publisher and Word

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Are these two the same?

Publisher and Word are two different softwares created by Microsoft. They are for students, professionals and everyday life. You can use Publisher to create and customize visual compositions. Word, on the other hand, is meant for writing and editing documents that can later be shared. Publisher gives the opportunity for everyone to show their skills and creativity by using text, graphics, organizers or/and images. Word allows users to write about anything they want to by using different tools. 

Microsoft Publisher.[edit]

Microsoft Publisher allows you to use all kinds of tools to create a visual composition. Items such as images, text, graphics, etc. are available to make your publication look professional, or at least, to look exactly like you want it to. You can create a professional, polished layout. Everything that you add stays exactly the way you have designed it; this means that nothing will change while printing, using the file online or sending it via e-mail. You can design specialized and unique files for any purpose, for example greeting cards, calendars, newsletters, etc. Such creations can be personalized according to your audience.

Microsoft Word.[edit]

Microsoft Word is a desktop software for creating, editing, viewing or sharing mostly written documents. For many, it is far better than a document editor. Microsoft Word has features that include grammar and spell check, different fonts and text formatting, image support, HTML support and page layout amongst others. Word is as handy as you want it to be.  You can create documents, assignments, blog entries, scripts, notes, resumes, letters and more.

Publisher Word
Pricing Starting from: $8.25 dollars Starting from: $7.99 dollars
Features * Effects for texts, shapes, and pictures,
  • High-resolution picture backgrounds,
  • Mail merge tools,
  • Personalization tools,
  • Drag-and-drop images,
  • Detailed ruler and guides,
  • Document-sharing,
  • Default cloud-saving.
  • Printing,
  • Sharing,
  • Text and images,
  • Styles tools,
  • Layouts tools,
  • Shapes, signs and symbols

Venn Diagram[edit]

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