Differences between Skype and Zoom

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Which one is best for you?

In this era of technology, video calling has become an important part of daily life. You can connect with peopl easily than ever before. Talking to your friends, family and even business meetings can absolutely be done by using video calling software. Many softwares can be used for video calling. Skype and Zoom are some of the most popular and widely used softwares for video calling. Which one is the best? In this article, we will discuss the features of both softwares and compare them.


The most prominent feature of Zoom, that makes it the most used worldwide, is it's video webinar. 100 to 10,000 people can join via link to a conference video call. Links of the video call can easily be shared by other social media software. Another impressing feature is group collaboration through which users can create groups and communicate with everyone. Zoom allows you to record the virtual meeting in M4A and MP4 video formats. That is why you do not need a third-party video recording device to record your meetings for future references in case needed.


Skype is a communication software that allows texting, international calls, and video chat via internet. It is well known throughout the world because of its free video calls and communication capabilities. In a Skype conference call, up to 250 people can join. Plus, you can call an actual landline and mobile phone numbers from skype at a very low rate. As a matter of fact, you can pay per minute or buy their subscription plans. It can easily be downloaded into most devices (computers, tablets, smartphones). Although it has limited features, its simplicity and affordability have won many businesses over. Skype is easy to install and use.

Skype Zoom
User Satisfaction 98% 99%
Pricing Starting from: $2.99 dollars per month Starting From: $14.99 dollars per month
Pricing Option There is a free version or monthly, annual  or one time rates. Zoom on the other hand, can be charged monthly, annually or there is a free version.
Available Devices Android, iOS, Windows. Android, iOS, Windows.

Venn Diagram[edit]

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